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In submitting a bid for an auction lot (each, an "Auction Lot"), which may consist of one more products and/or services (each, an "Auction Item"), each bidder is deemed to be fully satisfied with the description of, including any restriction in connection with, each Auction Item in the Auction Lot which is the subject of its bid.

A submitted bid is a legally binding offer to purchase the relevant Auction Lot which cannot be revoked by the bidder unless the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation fails to notify the bidder that it is the successful bidder within 2 hours of the end of the auction for such Auction Lot as specified on rubanrose.org.

Each bidder waives any right to examine or to require any additional information with regard to the Auction Lot following the submission of its bid.

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation makes no representation or warranty of any kind with regard to each Auction Item in an Auction Lot and shall have no responsibility of any kind for the accuracy of the description provided therefor or the condition thereof.

Each bidder acknowledges and agrees that the successful bidder will purchase each Auction Item in the Auction Lot on an "as is, where is" basis with no recourse of any kind to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation in connection therewith, such that each successful bidder will be deemed to have waived, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all warranties of any kind.

If two or more Auction Items are included in an Auction Lot, any bid must be for the entire Auction Lot.

At any time prior to notification to a successful bidder, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation reserves the right to withdraw or modify any Auction Lot from the auction, provided that any such withdrawal or modification shall automatically render all existing bids in respect of said Auction Lot null and void.

Any reference to the value of the Auction Lot, or any of the Auction Items contained therein, is for indicative purposes only and should not be considered to be an assessment of the fair market value thereof.

To the extent a reserve price is indicated for an Auction Lot, the successful bid for such Auction Lot must be equal to or in excess of such reserve price.

A tax receipt will be given to the best bidder if the amount paid is superior to the estimated value of the Auction Lot. The amount of the tax receipt will be equivalent to the difference between those two amounts

Once the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has notified a bidder that it is the successful bidder of an Auction Lot, such successful bidder shall be required to effect payment and purchase the Auction Lot in accordance with its submitted bid no later than 5 days after such notification. Payment shall be made by credit card at rubanrose.org, provided that a successful bid in excess of $1,000 can be paid by cheque delivered to the offices of Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.  Following payment, the successful bidder can pick up the Auction Lot at the offices of Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.  No exchanges or refunds are permitted.

Should the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation be unable to perform its obligations in respect of the sale of an Auction Lot, due to theft, fire or other event beyond its control, the sole obligation of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation shall be to refund to the successful bidder the amount paid by it and the sole recourse of such successful bidder shall be to receive such refund.

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