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An Activity Funded for Its Beneficial Effects

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation makes financial contributions to dragon boat teams made up of breast cancer patients and survivors. In all, the Foundation grants more than $25,000 each year to teams in Montréal, Pointe-Claire, Sherbrooke and Québec City.

What Is Dragon Boating?

Dragon boating is a sport practised by a team of 20 paddlers seated in two rows of 10, who paddle to the rhythm set by a drummer at the bow, with a helmsman at the stern. One of the goals of a dragon boat ride is to achieve perfect synchronization among the paddlers.

Dragon boating made its first appearance in China about 2,400 years ago. The first dragon boat team made up of breast cancer survivors was formed in Vancouver in 1995. Over the years, positive physical and psychological effects were observed in women recovering from breast cancer who practise this sport. Other than the physical exercise itself, benefits also include a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. Dragon boating can therefore have a positive effect on the women’s recovery process.

Besides their regular team training sessions, paddlers also participate in local, regional and/or provincial competitions.

Dragon Boat Teams Supported by the Foundation

If you are interested in joining this activity, please contact your local team directly to obtain further information and to sign up:


Two Abreast/Côte-à-côte
Training location: Lachine Canal, Montréal
E-mail: info@twoabreast.ca 
Phone: 514 387-6132

West Island Dragons
Training location: Pointe-Claire Canoe Club, West Island
E-mail: westislanddragons@live.com
Phone: 514 697-0019

Training location: Olympic Basin of Île Notre-Dame, Montréal
E-mail: info@h2oplayground.com 
Phone: 514 999-9509


Les Phénix de la Rose des vents 
Training location: Club nautique de Sherbrooke (on the Magog River), Sherbrooke
E-mail: info@rosedesvents.com
Phone: 819 823-9996

Québec City

Training location: Parc Riverain du Lac Saint-Augustin, Québec City
E-mail: info@viseavie.com
Phone: 418 667-1810