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To Facilitate Access to Our Services in Your Area 

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation wants to direct you to the appropriate resources by providing information on workshops and services available in your area. The financial support we provide to some of these organizations helps establish links among the various players involved in supporting anyone affected by breast cancer. During this difficult time, do not hesitate to reach out to these organizations dedicated to your well-being.

The interactive map below shows the resources we’ve identified per region in Quebec. To use this map, just follow these simple steps: 

  • pink labels indicate on the map the resources available in the various regions. You may select a specific region on the map and then click to obtain more details on the resources that are available there;
  • depending on your needs, you may click on the pink tab of your choice, which will lead you to the name of the organization, its contact phone numbers, as well as to a brief description of available resources;
  • to find the exact address of the organization, simply click on "Get directions" … and it’s done!




Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

1155 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, Suite 1705
Montréal (Quebec)  H3B 3Z7
514 871-1717

  • Support and information helpline
  • Financial assistance program for women affected by breast cancer
  • Discussion forum for affected women
  • Support for yoga and art therapy workshops

Look Good Feel Better

Different parts of the province
1 800 914-5665 (toll-free)

  • Wellness services
  • Support groups

Quebec Cancer Foundation

1 800 363-0063 (toll-free)

  • Accommodation
  • Art therapy
  • Massotherapy
  • Info-cancer library
  • Phone pairing
  • Medical information and support line