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Caregiver Network

This resource provides an information line for family caregivers and interactive online workshops to help you provide the best possible care.

The Caregiver Network (TCN) has developed a free series of webinar intended to help the partners or spouses of affected women support them through breast or ovarian cancer. The series is organized by The Caregiver Network (TCN) in partnership with Willow - Breast and Hereditary Cancer Support, with the financial support of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and Astra Zeneca. Led by health professionals, the webinars explore the following topics:
● Session 1: Understanding breast cancer and how to support your partner through her diagnosis and treatment
● Session 2: Understanding ovarian cancer: for the newly diagnosed 
● Session 3: Practical resources: what to expect and how can you help?
● Session 4: Caregiver Support: Where do I fit in? What about my needs?
● Session 5: Life after treatment: Living a new normal life together as a couple
● Session 6: Living with metastatic breast or ovarian cancer
● Session 7: Living with a gene mutation: impact on the family

Réseau Hommes Québec

This organization offers men a network of groups where they can interact, reflect and provide each other with mutual help and support. Various activities are held on a regular basis. Visit the website to obtain a list of telephone numbers for regional chapters.

For more information we also invite you to watch "Les hommes face au cancer du sein", a clip from the television program Une pilule, une petite granule. (in French)

L’appui pour les proches aidants d’aînés

This organization provides a toll-free, Quebec-wide caregivers’ helpline. It also maintains an up-to-date list of resources for senior caregivers in Quebec.

1 855 852-7784

Regroupement des aidantes et aidants naturels de Montréal 

An organization that helps improve life for caregivers by providing a place where they can get information, interact and provide mutual support, as well as obtain referrals and advice for their activities.

514 374-1056

Regroupement des aidants naturels du Québec (RANQ)
This site contains a list of organizations in every region of Quebec that provide support to patients’ loved ones.