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Allure® Mastercard® credit card*

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By using the Allure® Mastercard® credit card*, you will get great discounts from Allure partners and earn points through the card’s rewards program. For more information on the terms and conditions and the procedures for obtaining the card, visit nbc.ca.

This year, National Bank has donated $ 450,000 to the Foundation. Since its launch in 2005, more than 5 million dollars have been donated to the Foundation.

The Foundation is grateful to National Bank and to every Allure MasterCard cardholder.

To apply or for more information about this card, visit nbc.ca.

*Subject to credit approval by National Bank.

®ALLURE is a registered trademark of National Bank.

®Mastercard is a registered trademarks of Mastercard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank.

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Driven by its dedication to supporting the community and contributing to women's health and development, National Bank has been involved with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation since 2005.

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