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  • Organize a yoga activity

    Take part in the movement across Quebec by creating your own Yomni fundraiser and contribute to the cause of breast cancer: an initiative that does good and advances research!

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  • Move for the cause

    How about organizing a challenging sports event, more motivated than ever to cross the finish line towards a brighter future? Training or running for a common goal can be a driving force behind taking action and advancing the cause.

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  • Organize a dinner or a reception

    How about meeting around a nice meal to support a great cause? Isn't it wonderful to share great moments together to show our solidarity while having fun and supporting the cause.

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  • Take up a challenge Shave to save

    How about shaving our head in solidarity with those affected with breast cancer? This symbolic gesture is a challenge to encourage the people around you to make a donation and … to see your new head!

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  • Pay tribute to a loved one

    How about holding a fundraising event to honour the memory of a loved one? Many people would be more than happy to donate during this special tribute that strengthens bonds among friends and family.

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  • Come up with an original project

    How about coming up with a fundraising project best suited for you? Do you have a special talent or a shared interest? Put it to good use by inviting friends, family and colleagues to contribute to the breast cancer cause.

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