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A kinésiology/oncology program for women affected by or at risk of developing breast cancer

This new program offered by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation uses advances in research on the benefits of kinesiology (physical activity adapted to each patient) to help those affected by or at risk of developing breast cancer.

The Foundation has called on the expertise of kinesiologist Myriam Filion to develop the program over the next few months. As of March 2018, the program will be progressively deployed in and around Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau. The ultimate aim is to make the program available across the province of Quebec within 3 years.

Benefits of physical activity among women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer

Reduced fatigue, muscular pain and menopause symptoms, and improved quality of life. Three to five hours of physical activity per week also reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence by at leat 30%.


How can I stay active ?

Take up a sport that you love.

Sports recommended by Myriam Filion.

While  waiting for the program to be rolled out, find out more about kinesiology resources by contacting the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation at 514 871 1717 ext 250.

Exercice at home.


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