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The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has invested in the community through its Community Grants Program. 

The QBCF partners with many organizations engaged in the fight against breast cancer that are working to improve the living conditions of affected people. .

Community and Health Network Grants Program’s goal
Provide more support services to people affected by breast cancer in Quebec: women (and men) affected and survivors, relatives and health professionals.
More specifically:
- It promotes the support of people affected by breast cancer at all stages of the continuum of care, from screening and/or diagnosis of breast cancer to survival or end-of-life care.
- Enable the development of new breast cancer initiatives and / or allow for the improvement of existing projects throughout Québec;
- Promote the development and sharing of best practices in breast cancer

Did you know? Thanks to the support of donors such as yourself we’ve been able to fund 43 community projects through investments totalling more than $10 million. These investments will enable new initiatives in breast cancer and the enhancement of existing projects throughout Quebec. They also promote the development and sharing of best practices in breast cancer.

Thank you for helping us contribute to the well-being of everyone affected by breast cancer!