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Support and Information Services


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Support and Information Services
Since 2004


Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Provide support and information services by phone or email to anyone affected by breast cancer and their loved ones.


The Support and Information Service of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation strives, on a daily basis, to provide a pleasant environment for anyone affected by breast cancer and their loved ones to voice their concerns and obtain information to better understand their disease and diagnosis. This service also provides assistance in finding resources to support affected people in their local area, such as yoga workshops, massotherapy, breast prostheses, or even a support group throughout the province.

These support and information services are accessible free of charge, throughout Quebec and make it possible for more than a thousand people per year to be heard, informed and referred by the Foundation.

Services available from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Languages: French and English
By phone:
1 877-990-7171, extension 250
By e-mail: soutien@rubanrose.org