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Project for High Anatomic Quality Breast Prosthesis


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Project for High Anatomic Quality Breast Prosthesis
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CHU de Québec

Create, produce and make available an initial 40 personalized, high anatomic quality breast prostheses.


Over the past ten years some of the best oncology centres around the world have worked on developing a personalized breast prosthesis, to offer women who had a mastectomy an alternative to the commercial prosthesis of standardized appearance and shape. The prostheses developed by these centres reproduce the colour and shape of the missing breast and are better fitted to the chest.

In Quebec, the CHU de Québec has been producing facial prostheses of high anatomic quality over the past twenty years to attenuate the damages caused by face cancer. The expertise developed by the CHU de Québec team for making facial prosthesis leads us to believe it’s possible to produce breast prostheses of top quality appearance. Moreover, an initial prototype of the personalized breast prosthesis of high anatomic quality has already been produced. Thanks to a financial contribution from the QBCF and the CHU de Québec Foundation, the CHU de Québec continues to innovate by producing and evaluating an improved prototype (second prototype) of the personalized breast prosthesis.

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation decided to invest in this project in light of the fact that this type of prosthesis is not presently available in Quebec, that it’s likely to have a direct impact on the quality of life of women who had a mastectomy (self-esteem, comfort, reproduction of the desired size, etc.), and that it meets a need expressed by these women. The goal is to improve the associated techniques by covering the production costs of the initial 40 prostheses.