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Physical Activity Program for Affected Women in Montreal


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Physical Activity Program for Affected Women in Montreal
2012 -2016
Invested Amount
$ 149 668



Make available a physical activity program to women undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.


From 2012 to 2016, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation facilitated the development of the oncolog kyinesiology program "Bougez pour la vie". The aim of this program is to promote the practice of physical activity among cancer patients and survivors by providing women with treatment for breast cancer with the opportunity to benefit from physical activity as a complementary treatment method, in a safe, adapted and supervised environment. Particular attention is paid to the barriers associated with the practice of physical activity in order to find ways of overcoming them and that training will continue independently thereafter.

During these three years, 189 women with breast cancer were able to participate in private and group physical activity sessions during and after treatment.

La Fondation Virage is now committed to maintaining the service.

To learn more about Fondation Virage and this kinesiology service: http://viragecancer.org AND http://cicc.chumontreal.qc.ca/jai-cancersein-cics/vie-active [French only]