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Kelly Shires Financial Assistance Program Against Breast Cancer


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Kelly Shires Financial Assistance Program Against Breast Cancer
Since 2011
Invested Amount
About $400,000 per year


Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Set up a temporary assistance fund to provide financial support to men and women affected by breast cancer who have limited financial resources.


The Kelly Shires Financial Assistance Program of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is the result of a joint effort between the Kelly Shires Foundation against breast cancer and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Since 2011 the two foundations pursue their wonderful collaboration and continue to help affected people in need of financial assistance. Kelly Shires Angels concentrate their efforts on fundraising that is dedicated entirely to the program.

Examples of expenses that could be covered once your application has been reviewed:

  • transportation to medical appointments related to breast cancer (mileage, parking, etc.);
  • accommodations during treatments;
  • medication used to treat breast cancer or one of its side effects that is not covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ), group or private insurance or the deductible of covered medication;
  • expenses incurred for food and restaurants during appointments/recurring breast cancer treatments;
  • home-based medical/housekeeping assistance during active breast cancer treatments/convalescence;
  • hair prosthesis, hat, scarf and breast prosthesis and/or specialized undergarments;
  • rehabilitation/post-treatment care (for example: lymphatic drainage, etc.);
  • rent/mortgage, groceries, etc.