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Complications Prevention Program Following Breast Cancer Treatment


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Complications Prevention Program Following Breast Cancer Treatment
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CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre

Develop and set up a program to prevent musculoskeletal complications that may occur in patients treated for breast cancer.


Breast cancer treatments such as breast surgery (including procedure in armpit) and/or radiotherapy can cause musculoskeletal complications in patients affected by breast cancer. Often patients have little information about the likelihood of complications occurring after treatment. They are not familiar with strategies to prevent or minimize their impact. Moreover, treatments are more effective if complications are detected as they occur.

Up to 60% of women report having at least one symptom at one point after undergoing breast surgery. Thus, in 2013-2014, 1,150 women had this type of surgery in the region of Montérégie. The Foundation would like to respond to this situation by funding this project. The invested funds will optimize an existing project and deploy it throughout the entire region of Montérégie.

The purpose of the project is to develop and establish the educational component of the EPEI Program (Enable, Prevent, Evaluate, Intervene) in the form of educational capsules accessible on the institutions’ websites or through computer resources in order to provide customers with the tools they require to administer self-care.