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The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is able to fund various projects within the community and the health network thanks to donations it receives from the general public and from its partners. This funding makes it possible to create and optimize essential innovative support projects for women affected by breast cancer, for survivors, their loved ones and for health professionals across the province.

Since it’s extremely important to receive support when you’re feeling vulnerable, the Foundation is at your side to provide the best services and to make them available to as many of you as possible.

This is how, since its very inception, the Foundation has invested $6.6 million in activities or programs that provide support and well-being to affected women and their loved ones.

In addition to our investments, each year our support and information service reach  more than 1,000 people affected by breast cancer, enabling them to express themselves about what they are living and find answers to their questions. Finally, about $ 300 000 are granted every year towomen and men living with breast cancer in order to alleviate certain financial difficulties that may arise as a result of the disease through our  Financial Assistance Program.

Thank you for helping us contribute to the well-being of everyone affected by breast cancer!