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1 out of 9 women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. For the past 20 years the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has asserted itself as a major player in the fight against breast cancer. The Foundation operates in the best interest of women both by investing in research and exerting influence with policymakers, and by creating links between health professionals and people affected by the disease. Let’s join forces to advance even further…

The Foundation selects for you the most promising research projects for the advancement of knowledge and relies on the leading-edge expertise of researchers renowned for their excellent scientific work and the impact of their discoveries. Being aware that each medical breakthrough is made possible by your donations, we strive to ensure the quality of the innovative projects we support.  

Over the past 20 years, we have invested more than $26 million in research. The investment made it possible to improve screening effectiveness and to provide treatments that are better targeted and cause fewer side effects. Cutting-edge research has opened promising avenues to reduce the breast cancer incidence and to increase the survival rate beyond five years for 88% of women.

Thanks to your donations, scientific research enables us to expand the boundaries of our knowledge a little further each year and to thus move forward towards a future without breast cancer.