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Sylvie Dodin


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Sylvie Dodin
Sylvie Dodin Gynecologist/Full Professor Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hôpital Saint-François d’Assise, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec, Quebec City


For more than 20 years now, through her activities as clinician, investigator and teacher, Sylvie Dodin has been devoting all her energy to promoting the overall health of women. A number of her major achievements are a direct result of her holistic and integrated approach to women’s health.

Field(s) of Research

  • All
  • The biology of cancer
  • Etiology (causes)
  • Prevention
  • Screening, diagnosis and prognosis
  • Treatment
  • Onco-psychology
  • The development of scientific models
  • Other

Projects Funded by the Foundation

2002 – Black Cohosh and menopausal symptoms in women with breast cancer