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Josée Savard, Ph. D


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Josée Savard, Ph. D
Josée Savard, Ph. D Full Professor École de psychologie, Université Laval


After doing a postdoctoral training period at Fox Chase Cancer Center, in 1997 Josée Savard joined the École de psychologie de l’Université Laval where she began her research work at the Cancer Research Centre of Université Laval. Her various research projects focus mainly on the psychological aspects of cancer and the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural interventions to improve the quality of life of people affected by this disease. Her works deal mainly with trouble sleeping, depression and the fear of cancer recurrence. In 2010 she published Faire face au cancer avec la pensée réaliste, a book intended to help people affected by cancer deal with this disease.

Why Choosing Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is associated with several negative impacts on the psychosocial functioning of affected women. Trouble sleeping, an issue that is of particular interest to the research team, is especially common among these women due namely to the hot flashes induced by the breast cancer treatments.

A Scientific Accomplishment You Are Proud of

The research team developed a self-administered treatment against insomnia associated with breast cancer (through video and online) whose effectiveness was proven in a randomized controlled trial. This will make it possible for a greater number of women to benefit from an effective non-pharmacological intervention to improve their sleep.

Field(s) of Research

  • All
  • Oncopsychology


2015 – Nominated Fellow by the Canadian Psychological Association/Société canadienne de psychologie (CPA/SCP)

2014 – Award of Excellence from the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology/Association canadienne en oncologie psychosociale (CAPO/ACOP)

2000 – The New Researcher award from the Canadian Psychological Association/Société canadienne de psychologie (CPA/SCP)

2000 – Early Career award from the International Congress of Behavioral Medicine

Projects Funded by the Foundation

2002 – Cognitive functioning in Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients