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Francine Durocher, Ph. D.


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Francine Durocher, Ph. D.
Francine Durocher, Ph. D. Director of the Master’s and PhD Program in molecular medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval Department of Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval


Francine Durocher got her PhD at Université Laval in 1996, and after completing her thesis on BRCA1 she did a first postdoctoral training in molecular genetics at Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and a second in epidemiology and genetic statistics at University of Cambridge. She began her career at Université Laval in 2001.

Why Choosing Breast Cancer?

She was always very drawn to medical research. It was during a school trip that it became clear to her she wanted to devote her research to breast cancer. She is passionate about this field of multiple, equally important and intertwined facets. Breast cancer is special in that it’s an external cancer and as such affects women’s femininity. The breast is very symbolic so it’s very gratifying for her to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in this area.

A Scientific Accomplishment You Are Proud of

The discovery of certain gene mutations in the BRCA1 gene that help and make it possible today to set up screening programs for families with many cases of breast and/or ovarian cancer.

Field(s) of Research

  • All
  • Cancer biology
  • Etiology (causes)
  • Prevention
  • Screening, diagnosis or prognosis
  • Treatments
  • Risk factors


2011 – YWCA Quebec’s Women of Distinction Award in the Science and Technology category

Projects Funded by the Foundation

2011 – Identification of an alternative splicing signature in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers from French Canadian families with high risk of breast cancer