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Besides medical research and adapted treatments, certain practices and healthy lifestyle choices also reduce the risks of developing breast cancer or dying from it. Breast observation, breast clinical exam and screening mammography are the three breast health practices that can make a difference. It is extremely important for us that women realize they are capable of taking breast health into their own hands and that adopting healthy lifestyle habits enables them to stack the odds in their favour.

Making people aware of the impact their behaviour can have on their health is an important mission and a constant concern of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

To achieve this mission component, the Foundation relies on the most recent recommendations from research groups who address these prevention issues. It draws on best practices in terms of awareness, prevention and screening to ensure the greatest possible benefit for women. This is how, each year, we raise awareness among 15,000 people through our information booths and educational conferences. Each year, we rely on thousands of small gestures and hours of volunteer work to continue to carry out our mission.