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Conferences in the Workplace

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation offers conferences in the workplace, free of charge and upon demand. These conferences are a great opportunity for employers to show concern for their employees’ health and to help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

These conferences can be held at lunchtime or at any time of the day, on weekdays or weekends. Their purpose is to raise awareness among adults about the three breast health practices: breast observation for women of all ages, clinical breast examination, and mammography.

These conferences can be given either by a nurse who gives a detailed explanation of these practices in layman’s terms, or by a breast cancer survivor who gives her personal testimonial. You decide what works best for you!

Conferences in a School Environment

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation also holds conferences in a school environment. The conferences make it possible for educational institutions to provide a valuable pedagogical activity for their students’ health. They are an hour long and are intended for college or university students to make them aware about breast health. The conferences can be given either by a nurse or a cancer survivor who conveys her personal testimonial. To learn more about these conferences, please contact us.