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Speakers (Awareness Conferences)


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Speakers (Awareness Conferences)
Since 2010
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The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation organizes awareness raising conferences throughout the year to inform different kinds of people across the province about breast cancer.


As part of its educational and awareness-raising program, the Foundation is proud to organize free conferences that provide information on the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, on breast health and on the risk factors associated with breast health, in a school and workplace environment. These conferences are generally given by a nurse or a breast cancer survivor. During the course of an hour, the nurse conveys detailed information, in layman’s terms, on key medical issues, while the survivor talks about her own personal experience.

If you too are interested in raising awareness of breast cancer among your colleagues, employees, students or members, contact the Foundation to schedule a conference in your organization.


During the conferences I was able to erase the dreaded element from the word cancer that conjures up so much fear. I help other women who, just like me, must face this illness.

– Pauline Beaudoin, breast cancer survivor and speaker for the Foundation

Very easy. Prompt response. Excellent organization.

– Mélanie, conference organizer

The survivor’s presentation was a great source of hope.

– Mélanie, conference organizer

Great conference. Very touching, the speaker, Mrs. Capobianco was funny and very inspiring. We’ll remember her testimonial for a long time. Thank you!

– Conference participant

Touching the lumps in the (prosthetic) breast was a good idea. Really quite dynamic! Thank you!

– Conference participant