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La Virée Rose


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La Virée Rose
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In 2014, in an effort to encourage women to take breast health into their own hands, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation funded an extensive awareness raising campaign: La Virée Rose.


La Virée Rose is the most important educational and awareness-raising initiative on breast health ever launched in Quebec. During this activity, a large, fully outfitted recreational vehicle (RV), criss-crossed the province for 20 weeks encouraging women to take care of their breast health. 

La Virée Rose goes well beyond a conventional awareness campaign. More than three quarters of women do not observe their breasts on a regular basis either because they are afraid, don not know what to do, or because they are convinced they can not do it. This unique project made it possible for us to teach a great number of women how to be breast aware and establish an open dialogue with them to spur them to action.

Between June and October 2014, La Virée Rose made a stop at more than 120 cities across Quebec. Ambassadors trained by the Foundation were on hand at all times to respond to women’s questions and to address their concerns, and help them demystify the three breast health practices, in an engaging and interactive way.

This large-scale project was made possible, in part, by the generosity of two principal partners. In fact, La Virée Rose was presented by Pharmaprix, in collaboration with CIBC.