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Information Campaign – CHUQ
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Since 2012, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation  has made a financial contribution towards the execution of information campaign “Understanding and Communicating Your Family History to Better Combat Breast Cancer in Quebec: Implementing an Information Campaign" led by Professor Jacques Simard, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Oncogenetics, Professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at the Université Laval and Deputy Director, Basic Research at CHU de Québec Research Centre.


CHUQ – Project presented by Professor Jacques Simard
Information Campaign
“Personalized Risk Stratification for the Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer”

This information campaign project was integrated into project "Personalized Risk Stratification for the Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer" selected for the Genome Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research competitions. The information campaign was integrated into a more extensive campaign to increase knowledge of risk factors associated with breast cancer and thus have a much more positive impact on women. Funding made by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation represents a co-financing contribution to the overall funding of the project.

The objectives to achieve are the development of information tools:

  • with clear guidelines to facilitate patients’ comprehension of information, that allow health professionals to better service patients in stratifying their risk of developing breast cancer, based on several factors (e.g. patients’ family history, life choices, age, etc.);
  • to provide women with pertinent information that allows them to better understand their personal risk of developing breast cancer.

The content elements of these information tools that will be included in a website are:

  • the risk stratification of breast cancer;
  • the main elements taken into account in risk assessment;
  • recommendations for screening according to individual risk level of developing breast cancer, as formulated by the project’s Clinical Advisory Committee.