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In the context of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to talk about stage 4 cancer. For the past two years, various treatments have allowed me to fight metastatic breast cancer in my bones. At 43, this is my reality! I am constantly in survival mode, and many will identify themselves in my story. Living with advanced cancer is reliving the fear of a bad diagnosis after each term. But, between the setbacks, I celebrate wonderful moments every day. I give my best during these times, and it helps me feel good. Could this be the happiness train? If so, I invite you to hop on.

I would like to thank the Foundation because without her, I would not have met other patients who helped me overcome my feelings of isolation from society. Being involved has allowed me to meet extraordinary people, boosted my self-esteem, and rekindled my love of writing. Participating in activities has made me realize the amount of life and energy going around, much more than in other communities. It is great to see happiness and to feel alive again.

I invite you to follow us and to participate in our activities. We are like a big family, and with us, you will never be alone.

Through the Foundation, I have also gained access to information about my type of cancer, and so can you. Please visit our Metastatic Breast Cancer page to find out more about the latest promising scientific breakthroughs . There is hope!

Whether you are a breast cancer patient or a loved one, do not hesitate to contact our support line, whatever your needs may be. We look forward to meeting you.

Welcome to our community!



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