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The MAA Sports Club invites you to a weekend of sports accompanied by celebrities of the fitness world!

  • October 20 - 22 , 2017

Club sportif MAA 2070 Rue Peel, See on map

Objective $2,000



Friday - Brigitte Bédard 

Saturday - Marie-Claude Lavallée and Brigitte Bédard 

Experience a session of Flow Yoga for all levels of yogis accompanied by one of your favourite celebrities. Breathe in, breathe out…Enjoy!


Friday - Anne-Marie-Withenshaw and Jay Walker

Saturday - François-Louis Tremblay, Bernard Voyer and Dominic Arpin

50 minutes of various intervals on a stationary bike in a group setting: pedal to the inspiring rhythms of the beat with members of the sports world to give you motivation!


Friday + Saturday 

Do you like to strengthen your muscles with minimal equipment? Do you like to challenge yourself by using your own body weight against you? Use a variety of movements to build your strength and try to push yourself even farther in this bootcamp class with motivating celebs!



Saturday - Alexandre Bilodeau

Here’s the chance to rise up to a real challenge: a physically intense obstacle course unique to this event. The gym will be transformed into a Ninja Warrior game: time to confront our celebrity beasts who will be there to cheer you on!



  • October 20 - 22 , 2017


Yoga - Saturday 20th - 5 pm 30.00 $ 1/100 sold ticket(s)
Yoga - Saturday 21st - 4pm 30.00 $ 2/100 sold ticket(s)
Bootcamp - Friday 20th - 12 pm 30.00 $ 1/60 sold ticket(s)
Bootcamp - Saturday 21st - 3pm 30.00 $ 1/60 sold ticket(s)
Spinning - Friday 20th - 6pm 30.00 $ 4/60 sold ticket(s)
Spinning - Saturday 21st - 11am 30.00 $ 3/60 sold ticket(s)
Ultimate Challenge - Saturday 21st - 10 am 50.00 $ 1/200 sold ticket(s)



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