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As long as breast cancer is not a thing of the past, we must continue to pursue our mission in search of leading edge scientific advancements to bring about a future without breast cancer.

Nathalie Tremblay, CEO

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is the only charitable organization in Quebec dedicated entirely to the fight against breast cancer. The Foundation has focused its mission on promoting the well-being of affected people and their loved ones through research and innovation, support and raising awareness. Researchers, volunteers, donors and families alike … are all connected by the same hope of being one day able to live in a world without breast cancer.


Our Mission

Every day the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is busy saving lives and improving the quality of life of people with breast cancer. When you give to the Foundation you help us bring hope to all people affected by this disease. What is our mission?

  • Fund research and innovation.
  • Defend interests and provide support.
  • Generate leading edge knowledge and solidarity.
  • Prevention, education and raising awareness.

Thank you for providing us with the means to accomplish our mission. Being able to count on your support, strengthens our power of action.


Our Vision

One out of eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime and one out of thirty will die from it. Day after day, the entire team at the Foundation is driven by the same vision: a life without breast cancer. 


Our Values

Since its inception, the Foundation continues to show its commitment to affected women and their loved ones, to donors, partners, volunteers and to its staff by demonstrating:

  • compassion and dedication;
  • respect;
  • leadership;
  • integrity.

The Foundation embodies its values ​​within its own team and encourages its partners to promote the same values ​​for everyone’s benefit.

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