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When I look at how far we’ve come, I’m extremely proud to have seized this opportunity more than 20 years ago. What the Foundation has become today exceeds my expectations.

Pam McLernon, Founder

At the Beginning…

Twenty years ago there was no organization dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in Montréal. When several members of her family were suffering from the disease, Pam McLernon felt powerless to help provide adequate care for them. Her desire to change things rose from this social and family context. In 1994 along with a handful of women, she decided to set up a volunteer organization made up of women from diverse backgrounds, dedicated entirely to the cause. These bold and courageous ladies laid the groundwork for a movement that would, twenty years later, invest more than $36 million in funding research, education and raising awareness!

One Donation After Another

In 1994 these trailblazers held their first fundraising event at the Montréal Botanical Garden: a cocktail called “Dans le Jardin” to raise $500,000 to fund research led by Dr. David Fleiszer’s team and the MGH Breast Cancer Diagnosis Clinic. To reach this financial goal the women members of the board took up the challenge of selling more than 100 tickets each through their personal and professional networks. Mission accomplished! They reached their goal and the event was a success. One donation after another, this first success marked the beginning of the foundation’s tremendous growth.

One Gesture After Another

Over the years, the Foundation was able to gain momentum thanks to the thousands of donors, volunteers and partners who placed their trust in the Foundation. Each year hundreds of Quebecers contribute to the advancement of this cause by organizing their own fundraising activity to benefit the Foundation. This makes it possible for the organization to help thousands of people living with cancer get through their ordeal. From one gesture of solidarity to another, the Foundation changed its original name, Montréal Breast Cancer Foundation, to Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, to reflect the new expansion of its activities and services.

Step by Step

This powerful solidarity soon became its life force. The main investments of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation are used for advanced medical research. Did you know this? Since its inception the Foundation has invested more than $30 million to fund breast cancer research! Thanks to medical advancements, the breast cancer mortality rate has continued to decline over the past twenty years. Step by step the Foundation has increased its assistance tenfold to Quebecers by integrating an awareness and educational component to its mission as well as a support program for women affected by breast cancer and their loved ones.

Today, the Future Looks Brighter

Thanks to your contributions and generosity, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is now the recognized leader in medical and scientific innovation on breast cancer. It works in close collaboration with associations dedicated to promoting women’s quality of life on a daily basis. It exerts its all-encompassing role of prevention and education through awareness-raising and educational activities. It continues to encourage the people in Quebec to make healthy life choices. It defends the rights and interests of affected women by paving a better way for them towards a brighter future. 

Thanks to you, generous donors, thousands of men and women affected by breast cancer can now believe in tomorrow. Together let us continue to move forward towards a future without breast cancer.