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Virgin Radio

Why the Foundation

The fight against Breast Cancer is such an important cause for Montreal women, and we’re so proud that Virgin has become an integral part of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s yearly awareness campaign. The entire Virgin Radio family, listeners, and partners are always ready and willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with the real fighters!”

Mark Bergman, Host, Virgin Radio..

Background history of involvement

Virgin Radio, part of the Bell Media division and radio chain Virgin Radio 96, instigated the Shave to Save operation whose entire profits are generously remitted to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. This campaign consists of a series of events during which heads are shaved to benefit the cause, and is notably part of an advertising campaign held in October, breast cancer awareness month.

Virgin Radio 96 is therefore not only a Foundation media partner but also the driving force behind the Shave to Save program. Initially launched in the year 2000, the event has made it possible to raise more than $4.1 million during the course of the past 12 years.

One of the largest media firms in Canada, Bell Media operates in the sectors of pay and specialty television, radio, outdoor advertising and interactive media. Its sound and dynamic presence in the country’s major markets rests on its willingness to offer a unique combination of high-quality media, tailored to the needs of all targeted audiences.

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