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Why the Foundation

Pharmaprix partners with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation not only because of the importance of its cause, but also because the Foundation helps women to focus on their well-being and to thus make it possible for them to be at their best. And we believe you can be at your best when you LOVE. YOU.

Background history of involvement

Being committed to promoting women’s health, Pharmaprix launched its PHARMAPRIX AIMEZ. VOUS program. – Putting Women’s Health First – to help women affected by breast cancer focus on their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Through this program, these women can benefit from the expertise on women’s health of Pharmaprix’s partners and be referred to resources/organizations, such as the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, that support local initiatives on women’s health carried out across the province.

Pharmaprix began its partnership with the Foundation in 2014 with the launch of La Virée Rose, a mobile breast health centre designed to urge women to take care of their breast health and to make informed decisions such as include screening into a healthy lifestyle. In 2014, La Virée Rose welcomed over 22,000 visitors in 120 communities across Quebec, bringing crucial information on breast health to women where they live, work and play. The tour also made stops at Pharmaprix branches throughout the province. In 2015 Pharmaprix brought Rose le soir to the province in partnership with the Foundation and contributed more than $450,000 to support it.

In 2015 and 2016, Pharmaprix and the Foundation set up the Pharmaprix AIMEZ. VOUS. program along with their semiannual Beauty Galas. This fund, administered by the QBCF, was initiated to meet the needs of women who experience financial difficulties while undergoing breast cancer treatment. Many women appealed to the QBCF to receive compensation for the decrease in revenue experienced during their battle with breast cancer, as many of them are too ill to work while they receive life-saving treatment. Financial assistance is determined by economic needs and the Pharmaprix AIMEZ. VOUS. fund is designed to make it possible for women who are eligible to receive assistance to take care of their health needs first.  

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