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The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation's CEO, Mrs. Nathalie Tremblay and the Autocar Jeannois Group's CEO, Mr. Stéphane Lefebvre, are proud to announce their new partnership that will contribute to the fight against breast cancer by supporting financially research and innovation, raising awareness, and by providing education and support to those affected by the disease and their loved ones. 

"In Canada, the breast cancer mortality rate has dropped by 43% since 1986. It is thanks to the precious support of partners such as Autocar Jeannois that it is possible to realize great progress in breast cancer research." has declared Mrs. Tremblay. "This new collaboration will allow us to support more women from the province of Quebec touched by breast cancer and their families."

"Autocar Jeannois is proud to annouce the acquisition of this brand new bus within this partnership. In addition to a 5 cents per kilometre grant, this "connected" bus will promote the cause of breast cancer around the province of Quebec and North America thanks to its facade in the colors of the cause.", added Stéphane Lefebvre, Autocar Jeannois's president. This visibility on the bus represents a contribution estimated at more than $20,000 annually. 

The constructor of the MCI luxurious bus, Autocar Jeannois's supplier, is also joining this campaign. "We will contribute by doubling the sums granted by Autocar Jeannois Group by the kilometres travelled.", said Mr. Guy Charron, MCI's director, Eastern Canada division. 

The Autocar Jeannois Group will rent this bus to its regular clientele composed by Quebecers and international tourists. Autocar Jeannois will also invite the tenants to make a donation to the cause if they wish to. 

"Breast cancer is the form of cancer that affects the greatest number of women in Quebec and and is the second leading cause of cancer death among women. Everyone has loved ones affected by breast cancer, to one extent or another. I am sure that this bus will serve as a precious tool to promote the cause and will contribute to public awareness.", concluded Mr. Lefebvre. 

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