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Wanderlust and Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation come together for well-being


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August 21, 2017

This mother wears several hats: television presenter, professional ballet dancer, yoga teacher and co-owner of the Wanderlust yoga studios in Montreal.  

The Foundation is proud to be associated with this highly accomplished woman who is so concerned about the breast cancer cause here in Quebec.

On behalf of the QBCF and herself, Geneviève Guérard will host a yoga class as part of a duo on August 27 during the Wanderlust Tremblant festival

This collaboration is complementary to one of the fundamental aspects of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission, which is to look after the well-being of people living with the disease.

Yoga is recognized as a very beneficial practice for people living with breast cancer: it reduces inflammation, fatigue and anxious or depressive symptoms and promotes better sleep.

Let’s act in solidarity: 1 in 8 Quebec women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime.

We are all linked by the same hope of a future without breast cancer.