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Portraits of determined women


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March 6, 2019

Let’s celebrate Women’s Day by meeting 8 inspiring and inspired women. Discover women that are proactive, innovative and changing things for the well-being of people affected by breast cancer.

Louise Provencher 

Surgeon oncologist at the Quebec CHU-Laval University Breast Disease Center. Scientific co-director for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. This year, because of her exceptional contribution in the Quebec area, she joined the Académie des Grands Québécois.

Female solidarity touches me profoundly and motivates me. These patients form a tight knit community and they want to participate in studies in order to increase the new potential solutions put forth by scientists. They are extremely generous in this regard. Science owes them a lot! Nowadays, research allows us to make better informed decisions, to refine our approach and to individualize our treatment plans; whether it be in terms of chemotherapy, hormonotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

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Mitsou Gélinas

Spokesperson for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation for 13 years. Animator. Businesswoman. 

Already 13 years with the Foundation! I am very proud of it!

13 years I have been a strong advocate for breast cancer,

13 years I have put my heart, my energy, my creativity into raising awareness,

13 years since I became a confidant for some,

13 years of touching, inspiring encounters with affected people, relatives and health specialists. Thanks to all of you, I see life differently and, on a daily basis, I draw new energy from your conviction to make a difference.

13 years of hope, and it continues!

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Céline Proteau

Breast cancer survivor and development executive assistant for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

In 2016, when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I lost my job. It had been a long time before the diagnosis that I wanted to find a new job, closer to the human being, to my community. The months passed and I joined the Foundation team. It was a real gift for me. Despite difficult situations, there is always room for light. 

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Marjorie Vallée

Host at Rouge FM. Voluntarily involved with numerous events for the Foundation, such as The Pink Tour.

The Pink Tour is an incredible movement of solidarity. It’s extremely important to me to be involved. My mother received a breast cancer diagnosis. I do this for her and for anyone and everyone who’s been affected; whether directly or indirectly. As a woman, I am lucky to be healthy and there is are no barriers preventing me from getting involved and walking kilometres to honour these women.”

The Pink Tour 2019

Céline Champigny

Corpa Flora's President and Founder

Breast cancer... a reality that has concerned me since I was a little girl. I worked in the field of scientific research on breast cancer for several years at McGill University. I learned to dissect this devastating disease under the microscope until the end of 2010 when I decided to leave the academic research laboratories and found Corpa Flora, a company specializing in lipids for skin care. Mr. Lavoisier (chemist, physicist and economist) said: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. "That is why my commitment to the Foundation is mainly to support sick people through our fundraising activities and the creation of a comfort care program in Quebec for this clientele who desperately need it again. Transforming fear into serenity. This motivates me and gives meaning to my life and that of my team, which is actively involved in this great adventure.   

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Candace Labbée

Therapeutic yoga instructor, specialized in oncology

My classes provide women living with cancer with a calm and relaxing environment where they can lay down on their mat, come as they are, safely and judgment-free. My goal is to show them how yoga can support them during their healing journey, as a complementary approach to traditional medicine. While experiencing yoga together, we are discovering the different tools helping in embracing and nourishing one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being

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Andréanne Turcotte

CPA, CA, MBA, Financial director for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

I’ve been with the Foundation for two years now. Therefore, my everyday reality is filled with humanity and solidarity, sometimes carrying hope… sometimes with heartbreaking endings… Being a part of the Foundation family, which pours its heart out in improving the well-being of our community on a daily basis, is extremely inspiring and rewarding. As the financial director, I have the front row seat to witness and testify on how real of an impact we have on the well-being of people affected, whether the result of investing in care and services, or in research. Together, we can really make a difference.”

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Diane Paquette

Organizer of the fundraising activity "Rallye pour la guérison"

For the past 8 years, I have been involved in the cause of breast cancer. A big golf fan, I set up the "Rallye pour la guérison" tournament at Laval Golf Club on the Lake. This tournament is open only to female members of the club. It is extremely touching and motivating to feel the great solidarity that exists between them in the face of breast cancer. As a breast cancer survivor myself, it warms my heart to be able to give to the next, to accompany and guide as best as possible all those who receive this diagnosis. Today, this unifying event raised more than $150,000 for the Foundation. And the tradition continues!

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