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Get to know our YOMNI Ambassadors!


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July 4, 2017

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation invites you to participate in YOMNI, its newest event based on well-being and enjoying the outdoors; fun for the whole family!

Meet Annie Gosselin



Your YOMNI ambassador for Quebec City! Annie was a woman with a busy life, a beautiful family (three sons), and a full-time job in the health field. Until one day she received the shock of her life: "It was a certain Thursday of March, Pay Day or 5 to 7 ... For me it was a collapse. The news of breast cancer. I had a mass, I was in a state of shock (...) Cancer meant death and I was not ready to go! I had not traveled enough, I had not read everything, I wanted to live still, more beautiful moments with my love, my children, my family, my friends ... Why me?" During treatments, Annie also benefited from a range of resources related to physical and psychological well-being including yoga classes. Today, Annie is cured and tells us: "During this year ... I learned that the staff at the Breast Disease Center are doing all that they can to facilitate this passage but also:

- I love and adore life,

- Other women of all ages have stories to tell,

- cancer is not a simple cold,

- Cancer is not the end of you as a person,

- I am strong, fierce and proud of myself,

- yoga, I discovered, helped me stop, feel, and accept the limits of my body, to love me a little more.

"Not only do I want to declare to the whole world how happy and full of life I am, but now, I also say yes to all opportunities." 

If Annie’s story touched you, the join her on August 26th in Quebec City for a day of yoga and fun in the outdoors. 


Meet Mélisa Chabot



Your YOMNI ambassador in Sherbrooke! Mélisa loves sports, especially running, with the proof in numerous pictures of her racing. With her good habits, and the sport integrated into her routine, she could not believe it when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At barely 28 years old, the situation seemed unreal: "In the beginning, I trivialized this disease, then reading and asking questions, what I feared was confirmed: a breast cancer at 28 years old is dangerous. It does not happen often, but when it happens, it's aggressive.

I was lucky to have discovered the mass by chance. I discovered it early enough so that the cancer did not do as much damage.  The treatments I received were very powerful. During the four months of chemotherapy, I was unable to practice the sport that I loved. My legs felt heavy, my muscles tired easily and the smallest movements made me out of breath. Running became more and more difficult. But it was out of the question to let cancer lead my life. Life does not stop after a diagnosis. I was going to regain control and I was determined to stay active as much as possible. I then tried new activities, including yoga that made me feel good, both physically and psychologically. Cancer is an agonizing test. The practice of yoga helped me relax. After several treatments, I can say that I won the battle. Today, if my story can sensitize young women, it will be another great victory! Involving myself as a volunteer in sporting events is very important to me. I like to be close to people and to be able to encourage them to surpass themselves, as has been done for me, throughout my ordeal. It was obvious to me that I would accept the role of Yomni's ambassador because the promotion of health, physical activity and well-being makes even more sense to me today. My cancer experience has made me realize that no one is immune to this disease. I am convinced that my healthy lifestyle has contributed to my healing. There is a lot of talk about physical activity in cancer prevention. In my case, physical activity will have been an indispensable weapon to defeat cancer!"

If you are like us, and Mélisa’s story has inspired you, join her on August 26th for Yomni! 


Meet Caroline Grégoire


Meet Caroline Grégoire today, one of your two YOMNI ambassadors in Sherbrooke! Follow her motto: "Keep life beautiful!" Caroline is a woman who has also been touched by breast cancer. As she expresses very well, the announcement was brutal: "Me! The funny mom, the smiling teacher, the eternally positive superwoman, the one who was just beginning to accept her 46-year-old body ... I had breast cancer. Serene and determined to face this challenge, as I had already faced many other challenges before, I pushed on!"
However, what this fighter discovered during this passage of life is that it is important to accept the support of others: "Did you know that Super Heroes can ask for help? I had just learned it after my two surgeries and while managing the chronic postoperative pain. This is where my family, friends, pivot nurse, doctors, the Breast Cancer Foundation and other valuable helpers ... became my indispensable allies. Thanks to their support and encouragement, we manage to take charge of our lives, we give ourselves small challenges, we do meditation, and we do yoga to refocus, energize and tame the challenges with our new physical and psychological scars."
Caroline is strongly involved in her community to make a difference and promote the cause of breast cancer, with the conviction to contribute to the research and support of all people with breast cancer. "If I am an ambassador and volunteer for the cause of breast cancer, I can make people aware of the importance of exams or be an ally for a man or woman with breast cancer. There is a little heroism in it for me. Without trying to be pretentious about wanting to change the world, I remain convinced that we can make a difference by our positive words, our benevolent gestures, volunteering and of course, by our small or large donations, and to give deserved visibility to this cause."

Follow YOMNI with your "Superwoman" Caroline and make a difference in your community!


Meet Véronique Laberge



We are very pleased to have thisYOMNI ambassador for the Montreal area and it is obvious why. This sports and communication enthusiast (Véronique works for the sports center and the teams of excellence of the Citadins at UQAM | Sports of excellence) has already well integrated the practice of yoga in her daily life.

However, the busy life of this great sportsman, sister, and woman fell apart on April 17, 2016 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31. Véronique wished to continue her practice of yoga during her treatment, by participating in the courses offered by the Breast Cancer Foundation for those affected.

It was during one of these practices that she was offered the role of ambassador and accepted. What does she enjoy most about yoga? "The time that one reserves, where one focuses on oneself, where one slows down and rests the body as much as the spirit. The practice of yoga in a course reserved for patients allows me, in addition, to gather and to exchange with women who also experienced what I lived. "

According to Veronique, everyone should take part in YOMNI to support people with breast cancer but also to help research in patient care. « YOMNI offers the chance to give a donation to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and benefit from a yoga class in a unique environment.»

On August 26th, come move with Véronique on du Parc avenue at Mont Royal!