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Montréal , August 4, 2016

An environmental and social collaboration: the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation partners with the program Auto pour la vie.

Partnerships which are original, efficient and which help the wellbeing of the society are profitable for several reasons. The new partnership between the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation (QBCF) and the Associaton des Recycleurs de Pièces d’Autos et de Camions (ARPAC) for their program Auto pour la vie fulfills all those criteria. Combining the fight against breast cancer and the recycling of obsolete vehicles, the QBCF is proud to associate with the ARPAC Foundation for this program.

How it works

If someone who owns an old and obsolete vehicle wishes to dispose of it, the owner can do so through the Auto pour la vie program. According to a lot of criteria such as the year it was produced, the ARPAC Foundation evaluates the “value” of the vehicle. The ARPAC Foundation then gives a cheque to one of their organizational partners, the choice being made by the owner of the automobile. Some of the pieces of the vehicle are then recycled and or reused.

To donate obsolete vehicles  helps therefore finance research for breast cancer, support those who are affected with breast cancer and their loved ones and raise awareness about the disease, all while giving a second life to old vehicles through the recycled parts.

It has been 4 years and the ARPAC Foundation gave $237 500 in donations to its partners thanks to the generosity of the owners of old vehicles. Considering that nearly 400 000 cars are taken off the roads each year, this project has great social and environmental potential. It can also help different organizations such as QBCF to reach its goal: a future without breast cancer.