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Expertise of Young Professionals for the Benefit of the Foundation

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s Young Leaders Circle is first and foremost a group of young professionals from different backgrounds, who are willing to share their expertise for the benefit of the organization. The Young Leaders Circle raises funds for the Foundation through unifying activities that appeal to young professionals.

The Circle’s vision is of a future without breast cancer. Its mission is to raise awareness, recruit and retain a new generation of supporters to the breast cancer cause in Quebec, by getting them involved through fundraising and awareness-raising activities geared to their reality and interests.

  • Pascale-Lou Angelillo

    Pascale-Lou Angelillo

    Chairwoman Entrepreneur
  • Alexandra Mayor

    Alexandra Mayor

    Member Redactor
  • Allan Dieudonné

    Allan Dieudonné

    Member Student University of Montreal
  • Gabrielle Nadeau

    Gabrielle Nadeau

    Member Marketing coordinator
  • Marie-Eve Prévost

    Marie-Eve Prévost

    Member Executive Assistant

If you are interested in joining the Young Leaders Circle, please contact Pascale-Lou Angelillo at cerclefcsq@gmail.com.

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