Metastastic breast cancer MCB; also known as advanced, secondary, generalized or stage IV) occurs when cancer cells in the breast spread to other parts of the body. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for this cancer, and most people who are diagnosed undergo continuous treatment to limit the disease’s progression and mitigate side effects.

Aware of this community’s specific needs and of the lack in Quebec of adapted services, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has developed a program dedicated exclusively to providing support tailored to the reality of people affected by metastatic breast cancer.

At the Foundation, we feel it’s important to involve affected persons in the development of new services and resources. The Stage 4 Club arose out of several needs in the community and facts documented nationally and internationally. People shared their experiences of MBC, bringing their perspective to the discussion. Joining in the decision-making process, they validate the relevance of our actions. 

Our unique program is based on four pillars:

Implement interventions in Quebec that improve the quality of life of people affected by MBC and their caregivers.

Fund “hope-based” research and provide information on scientific advances in MBC.

Raise public awareness and educate patients about MBC, the resources available and the management of side effects.

Defend the rights of people with MBC and represent them at various levels of decision-making.

Our services

It can be very beneficial for people experiencing similar situations to help each other. Such support alleviates isolation and so improves quality of life. Surrounding ourselves with people who understand our reality, and thus gathering advice and information from peers, develops our personal resources for better coping with the challenges of daily life.

Chit-chat Club

Once a month, the Foundation hosts a peer support group so people can meet up and share a friendly moment with others who know what it is like to live with metastatic breast cancer.


Coordinated by trained patient-partners and supported by the expertise of a social worker, our self-help groups take place in a respectful, non-judgmental and completely confidential setting. Our distinctive approach? The health professional does not intervene in the discussion. Instead, the facilitator is there at the beginning of the session for the introductions, but then withdraws to a separate room to allow the participants to discuss freely.


How do I register? Simply fill out the registration form below. One of our patient-partners will contact you to confirm your registration and provide you with a schedule of upcoming meetings.

The main language of communication in the self-help groups is French.


Please contact us for more information:

1-877-990-7171, ext. 250

The Foundation provides financial assistance of up to $2,000 per year to people diagnosed with metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer. Contact us to learn the eligibility criteria and submit an application.

1-877-990-7171, ext. 245

To support you through the many emotional ups and downs of breast cancer, you can get free psychosocial support from our social worker to help you strike a balance in your daily life. We offer individual or family meetings, held in person, by telephone or via videoconference.

Make an appointment by emailing us at:

1-877-990-7171, ext. 274

This private Facebook group is a way to stay informed about the Stage 4 Club’s activities and recent news about metastatic breast cancer. Join the Club:

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