Breast Health Forum 2022

The Breast Health Forum is an annual event that brings together the general public and the scientific community to present major advances in breast cancer. Each year, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation welcomes speakers from Quebec to present the state of research in this field.

 The theme was Advances in research: from laboratory studies to patient treatment. 

Opening words

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s Breast Health Forum is moderated by Philippe Desrosiers and presented by our Grand Partner National Bank. Karine-Iseult Ippersiel, President and CEO, and Fanny Guimont-Desrochers, Director, Investment and Health Promotion, Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, open the day’s proceedings with introductory remarks.

What is breast cancer?

As breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, it can also be difficult to sort out what the different types of breast cancer are and what distinguishes them. The aim here is to go back to basics: what is breast cancer and how does it develop? What are the different subtypes? We’ll also take a look at genetics and breast cancer, a subject that is increasingly present in research.

Theme 1: Advances in fundamental research

Fundamental research is helping us to better understand how the various molecules that can cause breast cancer behave. A better understanding of the mechanisms behind breast cancer makes it possible to develop more targeted and often more effective treatments. During this first part of the Forum, cancer vaccines, immunotherapy and the microbiome will be discussed.

Theme 2: How does clinical research work?

Researchers will take a look at the main stages of a clinical study, and then discuss the issues surrounding research. Finding a cure for cancer isn’t easy. Although researchers sometimes make promising discoveries, they must first go through a rigorous process before their treatment is brought to market.

Theme 3: Innovation for quality of life

Speakers will present the latest advances in research aimed at improving the well-being of those affected by breast cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy… Breast cancer treatments are numerous and generate many side effects. Researchers are working to better understand the effects of these treatments on the body, but also their impact on patients’ quality of life.

Theme 4: Factors influencing breast cancer

Whether before, during or after a breast cancer diagnosis, many factors influence the impact of the disease on the sufferer. Speakers will address these different factors, as a better understanding of them could help improve patients’ care trajectory and well-being.

Anxiety in the breast cancer trajectory

Ways to help manage anxiety during the pre-diagnosis period and throughout the breast cancer journey will be discussed, such as the listening and information line (1-855-561-ROSE) launched to support people going through the diagnosis process. What’s special about this project is that the respondents are peer helpers, breast cancer survivors who have lived through the difficult period of waiting for a diagnosis.

Closing interview with breast cancer survivor Lucie Lacombe and psychologist Sébastien Simard.