My Active Health

A kinesio-oncology program for people affected by or at risk of developing breast cancer

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation developed, in 2017, the My Active HealthTM program. Financially supported by Ultramar, this program aims to help motivate and maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. It offers free services, adapted to each person’s condition, thanks to the expertise of physical activity professionals.

Download our free My Active HealthTM application

The My Active HealthTM app will help you stay active and help manage your Care Plan. Tailor-made for you, the app offers exercises adapted to your energy level and your physical limitations, in addition to giving you a global view of your medication intake, treatments and medical follow-ups.

The benefits of physical activity during and after treatment

Exercise is a safe and effective complementary therapy that frees the mind, helps better endure treatment and speed up a return to functional energy levels post-treatment.

My Active HealthTM services

  • My Mobile App
  • My Exercises Videos
  • My Yoga
  • Dragon boat teams

My Active HealthTM Facebook Group

Discover a positive community of people who motivate, support and encourage each other in the pursuit of a healthy, physically active lifestyle.

My Active HealthTM in Atlantic Provinces and Ontario

Thanks to the support of Ultramar, My Active HealthTM is now an interprovincial program that brings together a team of researchers and health professionals dedicated to the breast cancer cause.

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