My Active HealthTM Facebook Group

The Foundation set up a private Facebook group in order to provide a secure space that facilitates sharing between people affected by breast cancer.

This group, supervised by health professionals (kinesiologists), was created with the goal of forming a positive community of people who motivate, support and encourage each other in their journey to a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

People affected by breast cancer will find on this group the motivation, encouragement and listening they need to be active in their own individual way before, during and after treatments.

Discover our faces of hope

“As long as I can remember, physical activity has been a part of my life. But it was when I discovered running that I truly fell in love with sports. I’ve been running regularly, year round, for 10 years now, and I’ve even taken up the challenge and run several races. For me, being physically active is synonymous with well-being. It puts a smile on my lips and lights up my eyes. And it is this well-being that keeps me motivated to run several kilometres a week. So, when Myriam suggested I be an ambassador for My Active HealthTM, my answer was immediately, YES, I’M IN! It’s motivating and energizing to be part of this great team. And that’s without even mentioning the cause, which moves me a lot because, unfortunately, breast cancer still affects too many women. Let’s move together for the cause!”

– Marie-Claude

“I am physically active to keep my body and mind healthy. With stage-4 cancer, my biggest motivation is to keep living. Joining the Pink Tour gives me another reason to stay motivated, while supporting breast cancer research.”

– Michèle

“Physical activity is a big part of my daily life—and even more so since I had breast cancer. It provides me with much-needed well-being. Exercise has allowed me to face chemotherapy like a real fighter, without too many side effects. It has also got to be one of the main reasons I have no side effects from Tamoxifen. I am driven on by the benefits of physical activity. I know I have a better chance of staying healthy and in shape when I stay fit. I want to show others it’s possible to be physically active during and after breast cancer.”

– Geneviève

“As a survivor, I’d like to encourage women with breast cancer to get exercising because it’s just so important. Exercise makes me feel good. It’s good for my morale, it changes my mood and makes me feel alive. I signed up for the Pink Tour with the My Active HealthTM team because it’s important for me to keep active and to raise money for research. I have two daughters and a sister that I’d like to help spare from this disease. And, I lost both my parents to cancer. I am walking for all the women who are affected, for myself and, most of all, for a good friend and mother of two wonderful children who has been fighting for four years. I think about her every day as I walk. She doesn’t have the energy to walk, but I do. I am very proud to be an ambassador for My Active HealthTM. I believe that I touch and inspire many people, and my hope is for a future without breast cancer. Thank you to the generous donors!”

– Renée

“I keep fit because I’ve always been into physical activity, so I can’t help it! I get an amazing feeling of well-being during and after! I joined in My Active HealthTM to add some purpose to my exercising. It motivates me to do even more, and with team spirit to boot.”

– Carole
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