My Active HealthTM Nutrition

The My Active Healthprogram, launched in 2017, aims to help people affected by breast cancer adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Initially, this program focused primarily on physical activity; however, diet quality and alcohol consumption play an equally important role in health, disease progression and quality of life for people at all stages of breast cancer. My Active Health Program | Fondation cancer du sein du Québec (rubanrose.org)

This is why the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation decided to enhance this free support program and launch My Active Health Nutrition in 2023.

The nutrition component of My Active Healthaims to help people with breast cancer adopt and maintain a healthy and appropriate diet after diagnosis and achieve greater food independence in the long-term.

Why My Active Health Nutrition?

Eating well after a breast cancer diagnosis is not always easy. The side effects of breast cancer and the treatments can affect eating and the enjoyment of it, and make it difficult to adopt a healthy diet.

Despite these challenges, it is possible to eat well by adapting to the changes caused by the disease, but also by better counteracting them. Moving daily and adjusting your diet can help maintain proper nutritional intake, fight against fatigue, mitigate certain side effects, prevent certain complications, and reclaim the pleasure and simplicity of mealtimes.

What is My Active Health Nutrition?

My Active Health Nutrition offers educational content, information, and resources to support people with breast cancer and their loved ones in their quest for a healthy and appropriate diet, one bite at a time.

The nutrition component of the My Active Health program includes educational videos hosted by Hélène Laurendeau and featuring women affected by breast cancer. These videos address various topics to help you better understand the changes that can affect your diet after diagnosis, provide concrete solutions, and to dispel the myths surrounding breast cancer and diet.

My Active Health Nutrition also offers simple and adapted recipes to illustrate these various notions, reduce mental stress and develop the motivation to cook, in a simple way.

You can also connect with others through our online community. Join the My Active Health private Facebook group (mainly in French) to share recipes and tips and develop and maintain your motivation to eat well.


Yes. Although the content of My Active Health Nutrition has been designed and developed primarily for the needs of people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the advice includes some of the main principles of a healthy and balanced diet, which can be applied both in the prevention and remission of breast cancer.

No. My Active Health Nutrition offers general information only, which does not replace the recommendations of your healthcare professional. It is recommended that you follow the advice of your healthcare team.

Members of your healthcare team can refer you to a nutritionist for personalized advice. Moreover, it is best to always consult a member of your healthcare team before taking supplements or starting a specific diet or if you have any doubts about your diet. The Ordre des diététistes nutritionnistes du Québec can also refer you to a nutrition professional in your area.

Yes! Join the My Active Health private Facebook group (mainly in French) to discuss and share your knowledge through the online community and develop the motivation to eat healthy and be more active on a daily basis!

Two videos will be posted each month over the next few months, until the end of 2023. These videos will be accompanied by information to help you learn more about each topic.

Please feel free to share your ideas, food-related challenges, tips or comments with us at info@rubanrose.org.

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