One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Over the past 25 years, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has become a major player in the fight against breast cancer, as much by its investments in research as by its influence with authorities and by the links created between health professionals and people with breast cancer. The Foundation acts in the best interests of those affected. Let’s join forces and go even further.

Funding of research projects

Quebec is recognized as a centre of excellence in breast cancer research, which brings major investments by provincial and federal agencies.

The Foundation selects the most promising research projects for the advancement of knowledge. It relies on the cutting-edge expertise of researchers recognized for the excellence of their scientific work and the impact of their discoveries. Since donations are behind every medical discovery, we make sure to support innovative, high-quality projects in all areas of breast cancer research: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care.

In 25 years, we have invested over $32.3 million in research. This investment has led to more effective screening and more targeted treatments with fewer side effects. Cutting-edge research has opened up promising avenues to reduce the number of breast cancer cases and to increase the survival rate of 88% of women affected beyond five years.

The Foundation funds innovative projects in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment or support services for people affected by breast cancer. Thanks to your donations, these projects allow us to push the limits of our knowledge a little further each year and take steps toward a future without breast cancer.

Research competition

This annual competition aims to provide financial support for projects in fundamental, translational or clinical breast cancer research. Each year, the Foundation calls for proposals from academic researchers and clinicians in recognized universities for its $1.5 million contest.

What are the goals of this contest? 

  1. Reduce the risks of invasive breast cancer development and of recurrence (etiology, prevention, behavioural studies, early detection)
  2. Promote rapid, equitable and universal access to diagnosis for all (biomarkers, artificial intelligence, liquid biopsy, etc.)
  3. Reduce the impact of inequalities in cancer control (metastatic breast cancer, socio-demography, epidemiology)
  4. Improve quality of life and overall health (distress, management of symptoms and side effects, return to work, rehabilitation)

See our Impact Reports to learn more about the projects the Foundation has funded in the past.

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