Financial assistance for breast cancer? Support services? Customized and anatomically high-quality prostheses? We help those you love!

Supporting people affected by breast cancer and their loved ones is at the heart of our mission at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Thanks to the donations we receive from individuals and our partners, we offer a range of support services and we fund various community and health network projects via grant competitions.

Through these various investments, we link affected people to the Quebec-based resources they need. And we multiply our impact by partnering with many organizations also working to fight breast cancer!

Our support services

Because it is so important to feel supported through tough times, the Foundation is here for you, ready to offer the very best services and make them as accessible as possible. Here is what we have to offer you:

The 1 Million to Help competition

This support and education fund has invested over $7 million in 30 projects on the various aspects of breast cancer care since 2014. Each even-numbered year, the Foundation mobilizes a total budget of $1 million and makes a call for proposals of innovative projects from health professionals and community organizations involved in delivering breast cancer care and education.

What are the goals of this competition?

  1. Address gaps in breast cancer care and educational disparities at all levels of the care pathway
  2. Support innovation in the care and educational programs offered in hospitals or other health or community settings
  3. Improve patient outcomes (patient quality of life, dignity of death, safety, well-being, experience, health literacy, etc.) by changing practices and creating key services
  4. Increase knowledge transfer across the health system by sharing and harmonizing best practices between care and community centres
  5. Promote breast cancer awareness and health literacy in Quebec

See our Impact Reports to learn more about the projects the Foundation has funded in the past.

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