Why raise awareness about breast cancer?

Beyond medical research and adapted treatments, certain practices and healthy lifestyle habits can reduce the risk of developing or dying from breast cancer. Breast observation and mammography are examples of breast health practices that can make a difference. For the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, it is essential that women and men understand that they can play an active role in their breast health and that, by adopting healthy lifestyle habits, they minimize their risk.

To carry out this part of its mission, the Foundation relies on the most recent recommendations for prevention from breast cancer research groups. The Foundation draws on best practices in awareness-raising, prevention and screening so they can provide maximum benefits to women and men.

Our education efforts

Awareness campaign

Since 2001, the Foundation has promoted breast health via wide-reaching awareness campaigns and education. Every year, the Foundation develops a new campaign to inform the public about healthy lifestyle habits. Check out our latest campaign!


Throughout the year, the Foundation organizes awareness-raising presentations across Quebec to inform various segments of the population about breast cancer. Any organization—business, community group or educational institution—can ask to organize an event to demystify breast cancer and stay a step ahead of the disease. Please contact us to make a request: atoure@rubanrose.org.

Information booths

Held at large-scale events, our information booths are designed to bring the latest breast cancer education and awareness messages to people affected by breast cancer, to the general public and to various health professionals, as well as inform these groups of our various support services.

Educational materials

Information is power. That’s why the Foundation provides guides and educational materials on various aspects of breast cancer.

Our forums

In a warm and supportive atmosphere, our annual forums inform you of the latest scientific and social advances in breast cancer during expert conferences and small group workshops. Designed to meet the information needs of those affected and of health professionals, our forums are suitable for various audiences. Don’t miss our upcoming events: le-forum.ca

Information campaign with the CHUQ hospital centre

In 2012, the Foundation made a financial contribution to the information campaign on personalized risk stratification for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer, overseen by Dr. Jacques Simard. This project has since been integrated into the PERSPECTIVE I & I study. It aims to identify the genes that increase the risk of breast cancer, with a view to promoting early detection and answering the crucial question, “Can mammography screening be personalized to each woman’s level of risk?”

Discover the scope of our education projects in our Impact Reports!

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