Ultramar has been a partner of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation since 2005. Every year, in October, the company supports the cause by donating 1¢ per litre of supreme gasoline sold and $1 per supreme wash to the Foundation. Ultramar has donated more than $4.5 million to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Thanks to this partnership, we were able to launch a new kinesio-oncology program for breast cancer in 2017, called My Active Health.

Making a difference in the lives of women with breast cancer, one tank of gas at a time

In addition to Ultramar’s yearly donation to the Foundation, it provides its customers an opportunity to make donations. You can indeed add a donation to your purchase of gas or in a box provided for this purpose in all Ultramar stations in Quebec.

“This cause speaks to us, as breast cancer unfortunately affects many women: over 6,500 new diagnoses are made each year in Quebec. We wanted to up our involvement and the My Active Health program makes a big difference in the lives of the courageous women facing the disease,” said Mario Sauvé, vice president of retail sales at Parkland Fuel Corporation.

Learn more about My Active Health

My Active Health is an innovative kinesio-oncology program for breast cancer. Based on scientific data, we set benchmarks to promote physical activity among people affected by or at risk of developing breast cancer. The program is accessible throughout Quebec.

“My Active Health is my powerhouse! It’s what drives me and motivates me to get through my treatments,” said one participant in this adapted physical activity program.

“It is scientifically proven: exercise is an effective and safe complementary therapy to improve the quality of life of those affected. Daily physical activity of just 30 minutes reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence by as much as 12–21%,” explained Myriam Filion, a kinesiologist specialized in oncology who is in charge of the My Active Health program.

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