Looking back on how far we have come, I am so very proud to have seized this opportunity more than 20 years ago. What the Foundation has become exceeds my expectations.

Pam McLernon, founder

In the beginning…

There was no organization in Montréal dedicated to fighting breast cancer. When this illness affected several members of her family, Pam McLernon felt helpless and didn’t know how to support them. It was from this social and family situation that her desire to make a difference saw the light of day. Encouraged by a renowned Montréal oncologist, Pam decided to set up a volunteer organization of women from various backgrounds who were totally dedicated to the cause.


 In 1994, these pioneers held their first fundraising event at the Montréal Botanical Gardens. Called “Dans le jardin,” this cocktail event sought to raise $500,000 to fund research by Dr. David Fleiszer and his team and the MGH Breast Cancer Diagnosis Clinic. To reach this financial goal, the women on the board challenged themselves to each sell more than 100 tickets in their personal and professional networks. And they did it! This first success kicked off the organization’s tremendous growth.

Over the years, thanks to the thousands of donors, volunteers and partners who have placed their trust in the organization, the Foundation has developed and become ever more professional. To reflect its new and broader actions to fulfil its mission, the Foundation changed its name from the original Montreal Breast Cancer Foundation to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

These bold, courageous women laid the foundations of a movement that today has invested more than $50 million in funding research, support and education!

Today, the horizon is rosier

Thanks to your contributions and generosity, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is known as a leader in medical and scientific innovation in the field of breast cancer. It partners with associations that promote women’s daily quality of life. The Foundation carries out its prevention and education role through awareness raising and education. It constantly encourages Quebecers to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and defends the rights and interests of women and men affected by breast cancer. Today, the Foundation is recognized as a leader in breast cancer.

Together, let’s continue to move toward a future in which no one dies of breast cancer!

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