Since 1994, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has been able to rely on the invaluable support of committed partners.

Regardless of how they support us, their generosity makes it possible for us to fund innovative research projects, promote breast health through education and awareness, and facilitate support for those affected by breast cancer.

On behalf of our team and the thousands of people we support, we thank you for joining forces with the Foundation.

Our allies

For more than 16 years, the Foundation and National Bank have built a close collaboration, inspired by their shared objective to support the many people affected both directly and indirectly by breast cancer. In the aim of contributing to women’s health and development, while proudly displaying its privileged relationship with our organization, this major financial institution has invested more than $7 million in the cause to date through the Allure® Mastercard®!

Partenaires prestige (100 000 $ et plus)
Partenaires majeurs (50 000 $ – 99 999 $)
Our allies
Our allies
Our allies
Our allies
Our allies
Our allies
Partenaires officiels (20 000 $ – 49 999 $)
Partenaires de soutien (5 000 $ – 19 999 $)
  • Les Entreprises Bourget | Sel Drummond
  • PubXpert.com
  • Les Éditions Goélette Inc.
  • Arioli Leduc Paysagistes
  • Garde Malade
  • Big Bill
  • Dominion & Grimm Inc.
Collaborateurs (1 000 $ – 4 999 $)
  • Distributions Omega
  • Le Coffret de Rachel Inc.
  • Soi-Bio aromacosmetic
  • TalThi
  • VGAM
  • Dr Mist
  • Farnham Ale & Lager
  • Immobilier Pascale Nantel
  • Massocure
  • Mesbobettes
  • Olives & Olives
  • Sun Vibes Up
  • Sushi à la maison
  • Laura Child Arts
Partenaires médias
Our allies
Our allies
Our allies
Dons d’entreprise : 25 000$ et +

Being a partner of the Foundation means taking part in a strategy with many positive impacts. Become a company committed to the cause!

For further information, please contact partenariats@rubanrose.org