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This section contains useful information for current members of the Virtual Clinic in partnership with Dialogue.


Download the Dialogue Health application on your smartphone or tablet (here for iOS, or here for Android), or access the site online from your Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser using this link:

  • Click on “Get Started / I’m new to Dialogue.”
  • Create your account using the authorized email address you provided the Foundation and choose a password you will remember.

Please note that your information will remain strictly confidential.

Dialogue’s healthcare professionals are available 24/7

  • Family doctors
  • Clinical nurses
  • Nurse practitioners

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As members, you have free access to webinar videos explaining how the service works and introducing you to the healthcare professionals who are here to help. You may also ask questions live.

Services covered by the Foundation 24/7

Access doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in a single tap or click.

  • Unlimited consultations with healthcare providers, including registered nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors (general or family practitioners) via text or videoconference.
  • New prescriptions or prescription renewal requests, when medically prescribed. If a prescription is requested, Dialogue can send the prescription to the member’s designated pharmacy or directly to their home.
  • Referrals to specialists and other healthcare providers, when medically prescribed (please note that the Foundation does not cover these fees).
  • Requests for laboratory tests and follow-up when the results are received, when medically prescribed.
  • Care and health concierge, at the member’s request.
  • All details of the member’s care plan will be placed at their disposal on the virtual platform at all times, including their medical history, doctor’s recommendations and completed forms.

Services that are not covered

  • Psychologists: $130–$200 per consultation (price varies according to the psychologist’s experience)
  • Psychotherapists: $100–$150 per consultation (price varies according to the psychotherapist’s experience)
  • Nutritionists: $70–$175 per consultation (price varies according to the nutritionist’s experience and whether the session is 30 or 60 minutes long)
  • Work and life coaches: $90/hour


Yes! When taken alone, hormonal therapy is not considered an active cancer treatment, but rather a preventive measure. Note that you must still meet all the three eligibility criteria.

Yes, they can! The service is unlimited and free for you and your family (your spouse and your children of your spouse’s (other than foster children) who:1)

  1. are not married or in any other official union recognized by law
  2. are under 21 years of age or under 25 years of age if they are full-time students
  3. live in the same household as you

No, unfortunately. For the time being, the Foundation only covers the services offered directly by Dialogue. We encourage you to check with your private or group insurance.

The service is offered via the Dialogue Health app.

If you experience any technical difficulties with the app, contact Dialogue: 514-612-1471 or 1-833-681-6905, or

Dialogue’s medical team is made up of some of the most qualified healthcare professionals in Canada. They have many years of experience and practice and were recruited through a stringent selection process. While providing virtual healthcare through Dialogue, they continue deepening their knowledge in clinical, hospital and emergency settings. Indeed, each member of Dialogue’s care team receives personalized and ongoing medical training, including a specially designed component around the most commonly experienced issues among breast cancer survivors and their families.

Every request first undergoes a triage process to assess your needs. If you’re asking about your symptoms, Dialogue will assess your situation to direct you to the best resource, whether that is advice from a Dialogue nurse, a virtual appointment with a nurse practitioner or doctor, or an in-person appointment if a physical examination is needed to assess your symptoms.

Your health is always Dialogue’s top priority. This is why the continuity of care is maintained as much as possible when you’ve already consulted a member of Dialogue’s team for a health problem. If ever you experience a new issue, or if the professional you usually consult is not available in the timeframe in which you need to consult and you have to see another member of the team, know that this second healthcare professional will have access to your medical file on Dialogue and will be up-to-date on your health status, thanks to the information you previously shared.

To protect members’ confidentiality, there is no discussion forum.

Your information remains confidential. For more details click here.

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