We’re Here for You

We are not only there once the diagnosis is made. All your questions related to breast cancer are taken care of at the Foundation.

Have you noticed an unusual change in your breast, or your mammogram was abnormal?
Have you just been diagnosed with breast cancer? Do you have a loved one with the disease?

If a doubt or questioning arises in your mind, do not let it grow any longer. You are not alone. The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is there to support and guide you.

If you need advice, support or resources, call our hotline or email us. One of our professionals is available to listen to you and help you meet your needs.

Are you a loved one? The Foundation also offers resources to help you cope with stress and fear when a friend or family member is diagnosed. We can give you tips and friendly advice to help you support a loved one with cancer.

Whatever the moment, we are here to listen and support you:

From the first symptom that worries you
During the diagnosis process
When you receive the diagnosis
During treatment
After treatment

Our service is confidential, call us at

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