Cancer research is a key part of the patient care pathway. It is the very basis of discovery: new preventive approaches, new therapies, new diagnostic methods and new complementary care.

Senology is no exception. Breast cancer research is paramount and a road map is needed for the years to come. With this in mind, the National Cancer Research Framework was recently created to provide strategic orientations for research on breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Based on the 17 priorities laid out in this document, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is now offering researchers two project funding opportunities:

  • The annual research competition for fundamental, translational or clinical research projects on breast cancer, open to all university researchers or clinicians associated with a recognized university, for an overall budget of $1.5M
  • The biennial 1 Million to Help competition for breast cancer support and education projects, open to health professionals and community organizations, for an overall budget of $1M

In addition to these opportunities for direct project funding, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is involved in clinical research. It helps implement the tools and structures necessary for the development of clinical research.

Clinical research is the starting point. This is the goal of the McPeak-Sirois Group’s Accès-Recherche program, funded by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

This program aims to increase access, for both institutions and patients, to clinical research on breast cancer. The program aims to increase:

  • The number of Quebec hospital centres involved in clinical research protocols
  • The number of breast cancer clinical trials at centers already performing these trials for the benefit of all patients.

The result will be an increase in the number of patients in clinical trials, who therefore will have access to state-of-the-art treatment and better chances of survival. For information regarding the McPeak-Sirois Group’s Accès-Researche program, please contact Nathalie Laplante (

Developing tools for researchers is among the Canadian National Breast Cancer Research Framework orientations. This is why a breast cancer biobank was launched several years ago by the Cancer Research Network (RRCancer), funded in part by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. A collection of tissue and tumour and patient data, this biobank is a gold mine of information to help researchers better decode the disease and transfer knowledge gained from data collection to application at the patients’ bedside. Samples and data from over 6,000 breast cancer patients have now been collected. For any request for access to or information on the biobank, please contact Thomas Rivet ( or Manon Pelletier (

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