Whether in your workplace, community or school, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation can offer free talks on breast cancer awareness upon request.

At work or in the community

Are you an employer or community organization who cares about your employees’ or members’ health? Do you want to help your people cultivate healthy lifestyle habits?

A breast cancer specialist, or someone who has recovered from breast cancer, is available to speak with your community at any time (even on weekends) about breast cancer: definition, types, risk factors, myths, breast observation for people of all ages, the importance of mammography, etc. These talks are dynamic, moving, inspiring and educational. They lift the taboo from the word “cancer” by making people aware of actions they can take to reduce their risk of developing the disease.

In schools

Whether at CEGEP or university, educational institutions can also benefit from these conferences by giving students an activity with a valuable impact on their health. Over an hour, our staff will raise awareness around breast health and healthy lifestyle habits.

Contact us at info@rubanrose.org